Fiddler Crabbe. The saga of an Irish fighter born with a prodigiously strong left side. Follows his life from birth through his rise in the fight world and his eventual salvation from certain death by a miracle. Rated a "Must Read" by Betty Corbin Tucker. An ending which will leave you feeling happy about life and about the human spirit. 

Thinker. The Science Fiction tale of the world's first computer with a sense of self, and of the young prodigy who created it. Highly thought provoking regarding the consequences of building a machine that can think a billion times faster than we can, and remembers everything. Features characters from academia and the Department of Defense, from the President down. Called a riveting and frightening piece of SciFi by Melissa Brown Levine.

The Adventures of Yin and Yang. A somewhat technical account of two space/time travelers and their quest to come to grips with Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Especially recommended for teens contemplating a career in physics. Follow Yin and Yang as they experience some of the weird effects introduced in that famous theory that changed the way scientists view the world.

Quantum Paradigms. A good non-technical introduction to the experiments and insights that resulted in quantum theory. Recommended for all those who are curious about this important branch of physics, especially those contemplating a first course in the subject.

Newton's Incredible Laws. Discusses Newton's laws and the areas they are pertinent in. Good reading for any student taking a first course in classical mechanics.

A First Look at Mechanics. Definitely recommended as an introduction to a first course in Newtonian Mechanics. Provides many interesting aids in problem solving. 

A Quantum Primer. An excellent precursor to a first course in wave mechanics.